Meals-on-Wheels Scheduling System Integration

MOW-Maps will integrate smoothly with your existing scheduling system.

Using MOW-Maps with your existing CRM Systems.

MOW-Maps is designed to accept an Microsoft Excel (or CSV) file from your existing MOW scheduling system and create a data structure that can be uploaded to our web-based mapping application. Since the mapping system has different  requirements than the scheduling system, tools are provided to easily enter data to make the system very efficent.

How Meals-on-Wheels works.
One time Set Up
Contact your Meals-on-Wheels Scheduling Admin of vendor.
Export a daily route / Location / Client Excel spreadsheet from the Meals on Wheels Scheduling System.
Map the Excel column headers to the Mapping fields.
A Import Template has been created to be reused on a daily basis. If export data format changes, the Excel translation can be easily modified
Daily Operations
Export the daily routes from the Scheduling Program.
Run the Import data function. MOW-Maps will create Location files, Client Files and Route Files.
  • The file is imported
  • Latitude and longitude are generated if missing.
  • Address corrections are made to meet Google requirements.
Verify the proposed Routes

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