CRM Integration

Powerful features and tools allow integration with your existing scheduling system.

Creating Customer Locations on the Map.


Data can be entered into forms on the website.

The system provide robust tool to Add/Edit/Delete custom location data.

Add Sub Assets Add images/documents.


Excel File Upload

The system can upload location data from an Excel spreadsheet.

Field mapping
User defined template.


API integration.

Add / edit / delete Locations.

Download collected data.


Upload / download / edit locations using a private API Key.


How MOW-Maps works.

Uploading an Excel Spreadsheet to a map.

Create an Excel file

Create an Excel spreadsheet with minimally a location name field and an address. The file can include up to 25 custom fields.

Select Upload Locations in map program

Open the mapping program and select Upload.

Select file to Upload

Select a layer to update, Select an Excel file to overwrite, add to or delete entries. Select Process - Manual Process.

Match Excel Fields with Mapping Fields

The mapping system requires certain key fields, this function will allow you to map the field names in the Excel file to the mapping fields. It will also allow you to exclude Excel fields from displaying on the map.

Custom Fields

The map can display up to 25 custom fields selected from the spreadsheet.

Review File / Geocode

The uploaded file is displayed for review. If just an address is provided, it will GeoCode the location. If an icon is not provided, it will generate on based on the layers parameters.

Click to see map

When the List is reviewed, it can be published to the map.

Using Templates

It the excel upload functions are re-occurring the matching function as well as auto-geocodeing and auto icon generation can be saved in a template.

Manually entering locations.

Select Upload Locations in map program

Open the mapping program and select Locations.

Add a location

Pressing the + will open a form so you can enter data about a location. If you have an address, but not GeoCode. it can be generated.

Adding Location Data

The system allows you to enter requitred data such as name, address and/or latitude/Longitude, as well as up to 25 custom fields.

Quick Add

If you have defined data requirement, the system can be set up to enter minimal fields and place it on the map.

Edit Location

By Clicking  on an existing location you can manually edit.

Publish to Map

Save the data. It will  be published to the map.

Real-time Tracking

Vehicles (boats, trucks, bicycles, etc.)

User Defined data


Tracking Devices

The movable asset (vehicle, etc.) are assigned a tracking device.

Types of devices

Phone App
OBD car device
Satellite trackers

Map Updates

See location of vehicles on the map in real time.

Track History

Track last hour, day, or week history.

Download Collected Information to Your CRM System.

Data Collection

The system allows you to collect data when the employee interacts with the customer.

Data Collected

Basic arrival and departure times.
User defined questions and answers with the phone app.

Data Presentation

The system will show location and vehicle status on the map in real time.

Display status of locations

Not started
Feedback Answers

Download Data

The collected information can be downloaded.

Data download

Manual excel or json format
API download
Predefined and custom templates.

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